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OSHOG Membership Process

There are two different H.O.G.® (Harley Owners Group) entities – National H.O.G.®, and Chapters

H.O.G.®  National

This is the parent H.O.G.® organization and it is controlled by Harley-Davidson® (Deeley).  H.O.G.® provides structure, leadership, support for chapters, coordination, rallies, travel information, roadside assistance, and member newsletters, etc.  An important objective is to provide Harley owners with the opportunity for the fun and fellowship provided by riding and meeting other Harley lovers. The motto is RIDE AND HAVE FUN.

H.O.G.® had an excellent website where more can be learned about H.O.G.® membership.  Go to Harley-Davidson® Canada, click on the Experience tab and go from there.  All the forms mentioned for H.O.G.® are available on the website.

Some of the features of H.O.G.® that will interest riders are:

  • One of the big things H.O.G.® does is to organize many terrific rallies.
  • Roadside Assistance – beside the basic coverage with the H.O.G.® membership, riders can choose to purchase more coverage (see the attached form).
  • Ladies of H.O.G.® – This is available at no cost to female Full or Associate H.O.G.® members.  It is applied for at the time of applying for H.O.G.® membership or renewal (see the H.O.G.® membership application form).  
  • Various recognition programs such as ABC’s of Touring, Mileage Program etc.
  • A terrific web based Travel Planner

Rules for H.O.G.® membership:

  • Full - You must be the registered owner of a Harley-Davidson® bike to be a Full Member.  A Full Member can sponsor one Associate membership.
  • Associate - A non-owner can be an Associate member if they are sponsored by a Full member with a current H.O.G.® membership (generally spouses).
  • H.O.G.® membership is the pre-requisite for membership in a chapter – but chapter membership is not included with H.O.G.® membership.  
  • Harley-Davidson® provides the purchaser of a new and previously untitled motorcycle with a complimentary one year H.O.G.® membership.
  • A H.O.G.® member does not have to become a chapter member.

Old  Strathcona  H.O.G.®  Chapter

Chapters such as ours are the local affiliates of H.O.G.® National and are sponsored by a Harley dealership.  Our chapter is sponsored by Heritage Harley-Davidson®.  Many dealers sponsor a chapter.  Chapters provides a H.O.G.® member with local riding experience and the opportunity to meet new friends, and is the primary vehicle for H.O.G.® participation at the local level.  If a potential member is uncertain, they are welcome to attend a meeting or come on a Sunday ride.   Our chapter has a website where you can learn more about us

Rules  to  be  an  Old  Strathcona  H.O.G.®  Chapter  member

  1. You must first be a member of H.O.G.® to join our (any) chapter.
  2. Our chapter will accept new members who are not yet H.O.G.® members provided they have applied for their H.O.G.® membership – we encourage this.  Eventually, if they do not obtain H.O.G.® membership within a reasonable period of time, their name will be stricken from the chapter membership list.
Chapter membership can be applied for at the same time as the H.O.G.® membership, or at a later date.  The chapter membership must be applied for separately from the H.O.G.® membership and it is not included with the H.O.G.® membership.
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